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"Art is a journey to infinity, you get lost forever, there will never be a finish line, only masterpieces"

Passionate about art, life, human nature and especially portrait, it’s crazy how much our faces can bring emotions, which I express in my paintings. Born into an artistic family, since childhood I like to draw faces just with my pencil but then I add the colors
I graduated in Painting in Tunisia, I made several exhibitions in my country
I also founded my own company, a decoration concept store “manna artetdeco”

My Inspiration

I mainly paint abstract expressionism canvases

A style that allows me to focus on emotions and inner tensions. Bright colors and expressive brush strokes are also hallmarks of my style. ironically, abstract painting makes communication easier for me

Mouna Amara
Painter, Writer and Speaker.
Mouna Amara

It's all in the emotion

 I am always amazed, Every brushstroke is an artistic decision

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